Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Join us at the ToT Conference on the 18th of May in Warsaw!

The potential for blockchain, IoT and AI to revolutionize business models is huge. However, for businesses to really capitalize on these technologies, it is essential to have a good understanding of how they work and how they can be used to create value. This is where the ToT Conference comes in. With expert presentations and case studies, and networking opportunities, this is your chance to gain insight into the latest technology trends and get ahead of the competition.

The event features speakers from companies such as Škoda Auto, Fetch.AI, Orange Business Service, Bosch, TAURON Group, GFT Group, IBM, Aleph Zero, BSV Blockchain or Advantech (No.9 w Top 100 Industrial IoT Companies). 


The conference will cover topics related to the use of blockchain, IoT, and AI in various areas of life such as smart cities, finance, business, energy, medicine, law, industry, automotive and more. These innovative technologies are transforming today’s world, and the ToT Conference is an event that will show you how to harness their potential in practice.

The event should be particularly attractive for enterprises – large and small, public sector organizations, VC’s and investors, as well as startups. No technical or expert knowledge is required.

ToT Conference – Technology of Tomorrow is the first event in Poland dedicated to the combined potential of blockchain, IoT and AI.

Why you should attend:

  • You will get a chance to establish networks with the state of the art businesses that are already applying solutions based on blockchain, IoT, AI.
  • You will understand how the above technologies can solve the problems of organizations and industries.
  • You will exchange know-how and understand the practical aspects of applying blockchain, IoT and AI in your organization to gain competitive advantage.

Some of the topics:

  1. Smart City & Smart Home – examples of solutions and their implementation.
  2. Connected mobility – technological trends in the automotive sector.
  3. Healthcare and Medtech – examples of new solutions.
  4. Green energy, green energy tokenization (blockchain & ML & IoT).
  5. Digital assets as new business models and value streams – tokenization, NFT, CBDC, digital cash and their use for data monetization.
  6. Digital identity and its impact on innovative business solutions (identification of people, machines, business entities, DAO).
  7. Blockchain, IoT, ML, and new business models in the metaverse.
  8. What does web3 innovation change and how to move from web2 to web3 (and is it worth it)?

Technology of Tomorrow. Be smart now!

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From 18.04.2023 price increase in 20%
Organizer: Polish Blockchain Association
Co-organizer: Łódź Special Economic Zone
Venue Partner: CIC Warsaw