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We invite companies, organizations, or any other entities to join the Polish Blockchain Association as Sponsors. By doing so, you can enjoy a range of benefits specifically tailored to your needs. These include, but are not limited to:

Organization of events (within either one of our initiatives), where you as a sponsor will decide on the topics and subjects that best suit your business needs. This might include: specific use cases, industry-specific meetups/workshops, technology-specific meetups/workshops, events targeting a specific community etc.

Opportunity to present or speak at the events organized by the Polish Blockchain Association

Marketing benefits, such as a display of company brand across our media and during the events

A dedicated article published in some industry-specific media channels we collaborate with

Any other initiatives that you might find valuable, discussed and arranged on a case-by-case basis

Since the scope of collaboration might differ for each sponsor we collaborate with, the sponsorship package is prepared and negotiated for each Sponsor separately. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how we could collaborate, and how you could benefit from sponsoring us.

Our Partners:

Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton brings together an unmatched collection of specialist investment managers to give clients access to expertise across all major asset classes and styles. As one of the world’s largest independent asset managers, we believe our structure offers clients the best of both worlds – global strength and boutique specialization. And for over 75 years, we’ve pioneered investment strategies and services to help investors achieve their goals. We continue our history of innovation by partnering with fintech trailblazers, developing new digital wealth solutions, and investing in new technologies with the potential to disrupt our industry. All with one goal in mind – to deliver better client outcomes.

PKO Bank Polski

We are the largest bank in Poland and one of the largest financial institutions in
the region. Our strength rests on three strong pillars: the retail, the corporate and
the investment segment. Irrespective of the unique nature of each of those areas,
what joins them is the undivided attention they pay to the needs of their
customers and clients, and their pursuit of superlative quality in customer
Consistent campaigning established the “PKO Bank Polski” brand as a virtual
guarantee of the right banking partner choice, one that not only delivers the
relevant products and services, but also provides capable support in financial and
business decisions. The professionalism and the experience of our advisers help
them meet their customers’ expectations and to offer them the best available
Though traditionally dedicated to retail customers, over the years PKO Bank
Polski has also become a corporate finance leader of the Polish market. As at the
end of 2012, the number our corporate clients exceeded 12,000.
For years now, our corporate banking segment has participated in projects of
major importance for the entire Polish economy. We have financed major
investment projects, engaged in restructuring and recovery processes and have
supported regional development through solutions dedicated to local government
units. In 2012 we continued in activity that perpetuated our image of a true
partner of the Polish enterprise and local government sectors, which we gained
during the first wave of the financial crisis.
At the heart of our corporate offer is our ability to engineer comprehensive
solutions out of the products of the Bank and its Group Companies (factoring,
leasing) of relevance to the differing needs of the various size companies: from
small entities in the early stages of development to the largest corporates.

BSV Blockchain

With unbounded on-chain scaling, the BSV blockchain meets the needs of large scale technology applications: high transaction volumes, fast speed, predictable low fees, micropayment capabilities, and greater data capacity. Its powerful technical capabilities enable smart contracts, tokenization, IoT device management, computation and more. BSV also supports an environment-friendly and regulation-compliant blockchain ecosystem that enterprises and governments want.

Cardinal Cryptography

Cardinal Cryptography are the core developer of the Aleph Zero technology. It’s a state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed, privacy-enhancing platform built on their original consensus protocol and the Parity Substrate stack. Agile programmers, product designers and marketers specializing in building blockchain, Web3 and metaverse systems based on the Aleph Zero network are involved in the project. They provide solutions in the field of cryptography, blockchain, data science, web applications and machine learning.

Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero is a privacy-enhancing public blockchain platform that is faster than most of the solutions built on top of existing technologies. This DAG-based protocol is not only fast and scalable, but also decentralized and secure. Aleph Zero is built for enterprise, Web 3.0, and DeFi use-cases. They work on solving the current blockchain shortcomings by ensuring that the developers can focus on innovation without being limited by the technology stack. Aleph Zero will also be capable of synchronizing with other blockchains and running smart contracts – and its privacy framework can be used on all the major chains.

Rite NRG

Rite NRG is a Polish-Swedish IT consulting hub, where a close-knit assembly of under 70 experts integrate IT services, delivery consulting, and digital transformation. Their expertise in ReactJS, Angular, NodeJS, Python, .NET, Solidity or UNITY drives the creation of customised digital solutions across a range of industries. They foster an analytical approach to guiding businesses through the multifaceted digital realm.

Rumble Fish

Rumble Fish is a software house that has been at the forefront of blockchain projects development since 2017. With extensive experience and vast knowledge of smart contracts development, building crypto exchanges, or realizing DAO initiatives, they are the first-choice partner to many global Web3-oriented companies. Rumble Fish brings you a dedicated team of top-notch blockchain developers to work on your product exclusively, whether you need a whole lineup or an extension to your existing development team – they’ve got you covered.

Their secret sauce is the ability to use their blockchain expertise to take leadership of the project and cover the entire development process – from early conceptualization to
post-launch support.

Zonda Crypto

zondacrypto is one of the largest digital asset investment platforms in Europe
with over 1 million users. The company was established in 2014 and it is
regulated by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The zondacrypto
exchange has a policy against money laundering and terrorism financing and
ensures the safety and security of the deposits and trading via the platform by
applying strict AML and KYC procedures.
Users can make transactions in over 50 coins and tokens in pairs with traditional
currencies (EUR, GBP and PLN), stablecoins (USDT and USDC), and BTC and ETH.
zondacrypto is continually developing and expanding its business, which has
resulted in the creation of such products as zondacrypto FIAT Exchange and
zondacrypto Pay.
zondacrypto is on a mission to democratize the access to cryptocurrency. The
company’s ambition is to develop simple intuitive tools, the education
programmes, and the regulatory framework, that will help its customers to trade
and spend confidently from a position of strength.
To know more about investments in digital assets, please visit


j-labs is one of the largest Polish software houses specializing in outsourcing IT teams and specialists. J-labs successfully operates in Poland and is expanding into the German market.

The core values of j-labs include technology, expertise, and reliability. Founded by engineers for engineers, j-labs is committed to best practices and business values. Their mission is: “We do good IT, or not at all!”

Key highlights:

  • Employs over 500 developers and aims for a 300% growth in the next five years.
  • Engineers have an average of 9 years of experience.
  • Serves over 75 clients.
  • Has been in the IT outsourcing industry for 13 years.
  • Winner of the Forbes Diamond Award 2023.
  • Received the Great Place to Work certification in 2023, Best Workplace in Poland 2024, and Best Workplace for Millennials 2024.
  • Holds ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications.
  • Hosts Talk4Devs, regular tech lectures with 200-300 participants, totaling over 90 editions.
  • They aim to employ 1,500 engineers by the end of this decade.

Want to learn more about j-labs? Click here:


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