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The 1st event in Poland on blockchain, IoT & AI

During the event, which aims to educate in the field of the above mentioned technologies,

the audience will have the opportunity to get to know presentations from the best experts

from different industries and interesting use cases of implementation. The conference is a

great opportunity to learn more about the latest real-world solutions, technology trends and

gain unique knowledge.

Some of the topics of the 1st edition of the ToT Conference:

Smart City & Smart Home - examples of solutions and their implementation,

Connected mobility - technological trends in the automotive sector,

Healthcare and Medtech - examples of new solutions,

Green energy and its tokenization - Blockchain, AI, and IoT solutions in the energy sector,

New business models and value streams based on decentralization (tokenization and digital payments),

Digital identity and its impact on innovative business solutions (identification of people, machines and business entities),

Regulations, law and their impact on the pace of innovation,

Can large companies be innovative? How to build innovative products and services based on new technologies.

Technology of Tomorrow. Be smart now!
The second edition of the event will take place in 2024! Don’t miss it!