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Polish Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization fostering knowledge and experience exchange in the area of blockchain technology. Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs, developers, enterprises and tech enthusiasts, and serve as a collaboration-enabling platform for the whole Polish and global blockchain community. Polish Blockchain Association encompasses blockchain experts and people interested in the technology, representing different backgrounds (IT, legal, marketing, sales). We are always willing to share our knowledge with other people or business entities who are looking for a way to join the world of blockchain technology.


We bring together people and companies in the industry, creating a strong and integrated community. Together, we aim to raise awareness and understanding of blockchain technology among different target groups.


Do timeline:

Polish Blockchain Association was founded

2019 - 2021

We educate about blockchain at meetups, webinars and schools


"Blockchain in Business"

The first event in Poland dedicated to enterprises and companies


"Technology of Tomorrow".

The first event in Poland dedicated to the combined potential of blockchain, Iot & AI.

We have a mission

Fostering knowledge about blockchain

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Check the statute of the Blockchain Poland Association which was created in June 2018.


We are experts who share our knowledge and experience. We connect the world of business and IT


We are developing a community of specialists and enthusiasts of blockchain technology


We focus on integrating blockchain solutions providing practical support and guidance

Service Testimonials

What people say about us

Our partnership is strengthened by the words of those who have experienced our services firsthand.

"Our smart contract audit services have reached and helped more projects with the help of PBA. We are grateful that their team is committed to turning this initiative into something more."

Paweł Kuryłowicz

Composable Security

"The Polish Blockchain Association is the initiative where great partnerships grow. Together with leading Polish blockchain players, we have a great opportunity to take part in a transparent and business-friendly networking environment."

Sylwia Bień-Chudarek

Rumble Fish Software Development


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