“Blockchain developer” – this is the topic of the latest episode of the podcast Porozmawiajmy o IT (“Let’s talk about IT”) created by Krzysztof Kempiński. He invited Marcin Rzetecki from Polish Blockchain Association to talk about this fascinating and still undiscovered technology.

“As a developer, I understand how difficult it is to enter any new technology, where to look for support, where to look for materials, how to get to know the community, etc.” – we listen.

What is the conversation about?

  • what is blockchain and why is it important?
  • at what stage are we with the development of this technology?
  • why there is lack of developers and other blockchain-related specializations?
  • what are the decentralized dApps applications?
  • how to start an adventure with blockchain as a developer?
  • is it worth starting to learn blockchain technology?
  • what are the most popular languages ​​in this area?
  • are there any specializations in blockchain programming?
  • what is the job market like?

A huge dose of knowledge! If you want to listen this podcast and learn more about the potential of blockchain we have a link for you.

Just click here: https://porozmawiajmyoit.pl/poit-161-blockchain-developer/