:studio_microphone: “How to make sensible use of blockchain in projects?” – interview with Marcin Rzetecki from Polish Blockchain Association.

Marcin has been observing the development and approach to blockchain technology for a long time. He shares his perspective based on many years of experience with Łukasz and Maciej from Podróż po web3 (PPW3).

In this episode you will listen about:

  • how was Polish Blockchain Association established and what does it do?
  • how the development of blockchain technology resembles the development of web and mobile applications?
  • why people didn’t want to create web apps in the past?
  • why companies get tokenized?
  • are large companies interested in blockchain and what are the challenges?

An hour of tasty content from the world of new technologies awaits you!

Have a good listening!
(This podcast is in Polish.)

Link: https://lnkd.in/eDRf29Df