We did it! The ToT Conference is officially behind us and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This remarkable event, the first of its kind in Poland, explored the fascinating realms of blockchain, IoT and AI, setting the stage for the future of technology.

Our Experts delivered thought-provoking presentations that left everyone inspired. They shared their insights on how technology is shaping industries and changing lives.

Once again, the mission of the association was reaffirmed and a wave of inspiring ideas for the future was unleashed. We want to educate more!

Here are some thoughts:

:link:Blockchain: Revolutionizing industries
Blockchain technology enables secure and transparent transactions, revolutionizing industries like finance, supply chain management, automotive or healthcare. At the conference, we explored its immense potential, including decentralized applications and the impact on data privacy and security. Exciting possibilities await!

:globe_with_meridians: IoT: Connecting the world
The Internet of Things creates a vast network of interconnected devices. At the conference, we discussed integrating IoT with blockchain and AI, envisioning a future with smart cities and intelligent infrastructure. Remarkable use cases demonstrated the transformative power of IoT in various domains.

:robot_face: AI: Driving innovation
Artificial Intelligence empowers businesses and individuals to make smarter decisions and automate processes. Our conference showcased the latest advancements in machine learning. From ethics to practical applications, AI is reshaping industries and creating new opportunities.

:camera_with_flash: Want to see the photo gallery from the “Technology of Tomorrow” conference? No problem!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere by clicking on the link below:

The ToT Conference is now in the books, and what an incredible journey it has been. If someone asks whether there will be a second edition of the event, our answer is – it can’t be any different! Absolutely, yes!

The overwhelming response and positive feedback have fueled our passion to bring you an even more remarkable experience in 2024.

You should know that our team is working to curate a wide range of ideas, ensuring that the next edition will be even more impactful and enlightening for everyone involved.

As these three technologies continue to improve, we can expect even better integration, more security, and smarter automation. There are so many possibilities for the future!

We’d like to thank all of our Partners, Speakers and Attendees for making “Technology of Tomorrow” a great success.

Co-organizer: Lodz Special Economic Zone
Venue Partner: CIC Warsaw
Strategic Partners: GFTBSV Blockchain
Main Partner: Aleph Zero
Partners: Polski Fundusz Rozwoju S.A. (PFR)Computer ControlsChain4Energy